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10pcs 4 Digit 7 Segment 0 56′ LED Display Tube Decimal 7 Segments HT16K33 I2C Clock Double Dots Module For

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Product Description

- These 7-segment displays normally require 13 pins (5 characters and 8 total segments each).
- Solves the annoyance of using 13 pins or a bunch of chips by having an I2C constant-current matrix controller sit neatly on the back of the PCB.
- The controller chip takes care of everything, drawing all the LEDs in the background.
- All you have to do is write data to it using the 2-pin I2C interface.
- There are three address select pins so you can select one of 8 addresses to control up to 8 of these on a single 2-pin I2C bus (as well as whatever other I2C chips or sensors you like).
- The driver chip can din the entire display from 1/16 brightness up to full brightness in 1/16th steps.
- It can't din individual LEDs, only the entire display at once.
- Size: 5.03 x 2.68 x 1.2 cm/2 x 1.1 x 0.5 inch
Package Included:
10 x 4 Digit 7-Segment 0.56' LED Display Tube

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