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2 8 Inch TFT LCD Touch Screen Color Display Module 320 x 240 ILI9341 Driver For UNO Mega2560

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Product Description

320 x 240 resolution.
16-bit color (65,000 colors) display support.
With high-brightness backlight, the backlight has good brightness and low power consumption.
High-quality touch, high sensitivity and high linearity.
It is made of custom yellow copper-plated pin headers, which are beautiful and durable.
A universal interface for the full range of ALIENTEK development boards.
LCD size: 2.8 inches
Display area: 57.6mm*47.2mm
Driver IC: ILI9341
Resolution: 320*240 (RGB)
Color depth: 16 bits (65K color)
Working voltage: 3.3V or 5V
Backlight voltage: 3.3V
Power consumption: 60-70mA
Touch screen type: resistive, glass touch screen
Interface mode: 16 bits (default) / 8 bits configurable
Module size: 51mm*82.6mm
Package included:
1 x 2.8 Inch TFT LCD Shield Touch Display Module

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